Kevin Unger: Creator & Photographer

Everyone, Kevin Unger: Creator, photographer, and recently announced podcaster. Kevin is down to earth, looking for new ways to spread the message of change and tell stories through photos. Shooting for big name corporations, charities, weddings, and much more; he knows a thing or two – here’s our interview.

1. What pushed you to start your own business, in this case, photography?

In short, I’ve never wanted to have someone tell me what to do (haha). I would way rather work with someone or even a group of people in collaboration to bring their vision to life. There is something so amazing about being able to create something from nothing. Right now, it happens to be photography that allows me to do that. Being your own boss is a rollercoaster but also so rewarding.

2. What has being an entrepreneur done for you?

Being an entrepreneur has taught me so much. If I had to choose one thing; it would be that if you put in a real, and honest effort, you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

3. What was your biggest challenge?

One big challenge that I am constantly working through is understanding that my job is not who I am. There are so many entrepreneurs that are far too dedicated to their work that they end up putting their friends and family to the side. Producing good work is so satisfying in the moment, and I totally get that. Working on relationships with friends and family will leave with you with far more satisfaction long term.

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4. What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Advice for anyone starting a business, or a project of any sort is that failure is actually your best friend. Failure teaches you that the current way of how you are doing things isn’t working, and it’s time to try it a different way. For all you know, you are one or two screw-ups away from having an idea that could change the world.



  1. As a hobby photographer, I sometimes forget that making mistakes during photoshoots actually mean that I found a spot to improve on. This has helped fuel my creative spirit to keep taking photos and keep improving. Thank you for that!

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